G R O U P  O F F E R I N G S

Outside of my 1:1 therapeutic work with clients,  ​I am passionate about creating spaces for all people to rest, create & connect within community.


See current offerings & stay tuned for upcoming events through the link below or by following my social media account over at @kv_therapy

C U R R E N T   O F F E R I N G S

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A R T   F O R   T H E   E V E R Y D A Y

I use drawing as a way to intuitively listen and reflect emotions in with clients. 

I created the Art for the Everyday as a way to visualize our everyday emotions and experiences to create a deeper compassion and connection to with ourselves and others (including the imagery below). ​

I whole-heartedly believe that creativity, play and community are essential to healing and well-being, and am passionate about my living my own rest & creative practices. To purchase or learn more, please click here.

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