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Ever since I can remember, I've been a lover of questions and the intersections of our lives.


Those both /and spaces that don't have neat, easy answers or arrival--from exploring the evolving terrain of grief and identity,  deconstructing systemic narratives, to learning what it means to love and trust ourselves in new ways.


I believe that all of us belongs (yep..even that part we've been trained to avoid/manage/criticize), and that by welcoming our whole self we can identify where it is we want to go from a place of integrity, and self-trust.  

To learn more about my work including how I approach therapy and my areas of specialty, please click here.


I would love to meet you, and hear your story. 


W H A T   I   V A L U E   M O S T

Finding a therapist who you genuinely connect to is critical. So whether or not it's me, find a fit that is right for you. Here's some of my deepest values you should know up front:

AUTHENTICITY & INTEGRITY: If I'm asking you to show up and be willing to practice authenticity, I believe I owe the same to you. Therapy can have all sorts of stigma around it--I believe in creating a space that's not only safe, but also also human as we process the ins-and-outs of life as it is: the great stuff, the hard stuff, the unknowns.

HONESTY & SAFETY: These are critical values to me. If we do not feel safe and seen, change and healing cannot coexist. I am passionate about providing a space of both safety and honesty to clients--allowing you space to be exactly as you are, as well as providing intuitive reflection, skills and resources that equip you towards your own wisdom and values. 

INTERSECTIONAL APPROACH: We all live many-layered lives and I value approaching my work with clients in this way. Your experiences of gender, sexuality, race, spirituality, culture (insert your experience here) all matter and are a part of your lived experience that shows up in therapy. I believe in working from a whole-person approach that seeks to make space for the fullness of our lived experience as it changes and evolves.

REST & SEASONAL LIVING: Life is fluid and filled with change; I don't believe we are made to move in the same ways, same pace, 24 hours a day, 12 months a year (thanks no thanks capitalism and grind culture). I seek to live out this value both personally and professionally by building in times of rest throughout the year in my practice to honor the natural rhythms and humanness of this work. Learn what that looks like in practice.


Background: Kenlee has a B.A. in Studio Art and an MA in Counseling & Psychological Services from St. Mary's University. Kenlee is a Licensed Professional Counselor, is Enneagram Certified through the Full Circle Enneagram Training Program and has completed certification in somatic attachment through The Embody Lab.


Human Stuff: Kenlee (she/her/hers) is 100% human and identifies as a white, queer ciswoman, amongst countless other layers: over-functioner in recovery forever learning all things soft and slow, artist, grief walker, a deep lover of both/ands including city and nature (especially the north shore of MN), potlucks, and learning about life through community. Kenlee lives with her partner and pup in South Minneapolis.

To be fully human, fully alive, is to be continually thrown out of the nest.

-Pema Chödn

© Kenlee Valleskey LLC

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