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You are a story, do not become a word.

-Nayyirah Waheed

There is not enough sleep in the world that can replenish the kind of tired that comes from the soul.  The kind of tired that comes with saying yes to too many no’s, the kind of tired that comes from grief, loss & choicelessness. The kind of tired that comes with keeping up with a life that needs more yes, more ease, more solitude, more joy, more choice. Soul tired requires a different kind of tending.  -Tami Sasson

When you think about starting therapy what comes to mind?

For me, therapy is all about making space for us to show up as we are, wherever we are.


It's relational, collaborative and systemic. It's human.

Often we are pointed to symptoms, binaries, or quick-fixes while neglecting the root.

For me, therapy is root work. 


I work with clients primarily from an Internal Family Systems, Somatic Attachment and contemplative approach. The process of embracing and navigating our stories is not simple, but like most things we want to avoid, is profoundly valuable within safe spaces that are the right fit, pace, and timing.


I’ve lived with my own set of stories from complex grief, attachment wounding,

internalized perfectionism and anxiety (to name a few). I am regularly on the other side of therapy and body work in my own personal life, committed to learning (and unlearning) what it means to live an embodied life from a place of all things human and wholeness. 

Bottom line: therapy is not another self-improvement hack or one size fits all, but instead an invitation to explore, get curious and build self-trust. A space where all of ourself belongs.


I'd love to meet you, and hear your story.

My passions & specialities

I love working with clients who are:

  • Curious, open and committed to their process 

  • Longing to trust and feel at home within themselves, their relationships & the world

  • Suffering from chronic anxiety, perfectionism, people-pleasing or burnout 

  • Adult children of emotionally immature, neglectful or estranged family systems

  • Ready to break familiar cycles, but don't know how

  • Processing ambiguous loss or grief 

  • Curious about the "why" behind patterns in their relationships (attachment!)

  • Interested in deconstruction & reclaiming work around areas of identity and/or spirituality with deep respect to all genders, identities, beliefs and orientations

  • Open to a contemplative, embodied approach to change and transformation

  • Tired of talking surface-level symptoms and want to get at the root

The people I admire most aren’t the most healed ones.

The people I admire most are the honest ones.

the ones who let themselves stumble, fall, triumph, fail, grieve, love, be human out loud. 

-lisa olivera

© Kenlee Valleskey LLC

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