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Q:​ Who do you work with? Couples? Families? Individuals?

A:​ I specialize in working with adult individuals (18+), and seek to provide clients excellent referrals for couples and family services in the Twin Cities metro.

Q:Do you accept insurance or provide sliding scale opportunities? What are your rates?

A:​ I am a fee-for-service & out of network provider, therefore I do not accept insurance, but can accept client health spending accounts (HSA). 


  • My rate is $175 for initial intake sessions (70 minute session)

  • My rate is $160 for all follow up 55 minute sessions

  • My rate is $175 for follow up extended 70 minute sessions (per client request)


  • In my commitment and passion for accessibility, I provide 20% of my client load at significantly reduced and sliding-scale rates with priority going to those who identify as:

    • BIPOC

    • LGBTQIA+

    • Full-time students 

    • Single-parent or single-income households in need of additional support at this time

    • Those transitioning between jobs/unemployment or experiencing financial hardship

  • Please note: I have limited sliding-scale spots at this time. I suggest Open Path Collective to find a therapist with a sliding scale that is a good fit for you. Also, Walk-In Counseling Center is a totally free, walk-in option with multiple locations in the Twin Cities area.
  • Good faith estimate/"No Surprises Act"
    • You will receive a Good-Faith Estimate included in your intake paperwork. The “No Surprises Act” allows for patient financial protections, transparency and consent. Beginning January 1, 2022, health care providers will be required to give new and established patients who are uninsured, or self-pay, or patients who are exploring care, a good faith estimate of costs for services that they provide.

    • You have the right to receive a "Good Faith Estimate" explaining how much your estimated care will cost, and at anytime you can obtain a receipt of our services together. 


Q:​ Do you currently provide in-person or telehealth sessions?

A:​ Both! I require that in-person clients are covid vaccinated in respect to community health & care.

Q:​ How do you approach therapy? What type of therapy do you specialize in?

A:​ LOVE this question! I have a whole page dedicated to exploring how I work and what type of areas I specialize in to see if we might be a good fit. Additionally, check out my personal values in how I approach my work with clients here.


If I described my work without using the terms therapist or counselor here's  what comes to mind: Space-maker. Grief guide. Existential doula. Discomofort-mover-through-er. Self-trust advocate.

Q:​ I saw your value of rest and seasonal living...what does that end up looking like if I'm a client?

A:​ I deeply value client work and my own personhood—mutually, not exclusively—therefore I seek to prioritize pace and sustainability throughout the year to show up to this work with integrity.


The following is a seasonal model of care that has come from my years of practice:

*Learn what that looks like in practice*


•I am a 10-month therapist and a year-round human, taking time off of client work each season to allow tending to my own being and creative pursuits outside of the therapy space, with longer pauses in winter and summer months.


•For the majority of the year (September-June) you will find me in my South Mpls office, offering telehealth sessions for clients whom online is preferred, as well as for times I travel/work remotely. 


•Summers (July-August) hold an entirely different fluidity and pace here in MN, therefore I take more time out of office to provide continued online client care, as well time off each August before welcoming a new year.

*Please note: for any seasonal times away throughout the year I am happy to provide additional supports, groups, and referrals for existing clients continued care as needed. 

Q:I heard you talk about a 'contemplative' approach...what does that mean/look like in our work?

A:​ I apply the definition of contemplation as a "long, loving look at what's real". How that shows up in therapeutic work is that being human isn't a quick-fix or perfect: life is non-linear and takes time (long), requires compassion (loving), and courage (real). I love integrating contemplative and embodied practices in my work with deep respect to all identities, beliefs and orientations, that focuses less on managing ourselves/others/our lives, and more on how we relate to ourselves and one another in new ways.

Q:​ I think we might be a really good fit...what's the next step?

A:​ Please contact me to check current availability and schedule a free 20-minute consultation call.

The human soul doesn't want to be fixed, it simply wants to be seen and heard.

-parker palmer

© Kenlee Valleskey LLC

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