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Q:​ Who do you work with? Couples? Families? Individuals?

A:​ I specialize in working with adult individuals (18+), and seek to provide clients excellent referrals for couples and family services in the Twin Cities metro.

Q:​ Do you currently provide in-person or tele-health services?

A:​ Both! I require that in-person clients are vaccinated and boosted in respect to community care.

Q:​ How do you approach therapy? What type of therapy do you specialize in?

A:​ LOVE this question! I have a whole page dedicated to exploring how I work and what type of areas I specialize in to see if we might be a good fit. Additionally, check out my personal values in how I approach my work with clients here.


If I described my work without using the terms "therapist" or "counselor" here's  what comes to mind: Space-maker. Grief guide. Existential doula. Discomofort-mover-through-er. Self-trust advocate.

Q:Do you accept insurance or provide sliding scale opportunities? What are your rates?

A:​ I am a fee-for-service & out of network provider, therefore I do not accept insurance, but can accept client health spending accounts (HSA).


  • My rate is $175 for initial intake sessions and extended 70 minute sessions (per client request)

  • My rate is $160 for follow up 55 minute sessions


  • In my commitment and passion for accessibility, I provide 20% of my client load at significantly reduced and sliding-scale rates with priority going to those who identify as:

    • BIPOC

    • LGBTQIA+

    • Full-time students or recent graduates

    • Single-parents

  • Please note: I have limited sliding-scale spots at this time. I suggest Open Path Collective to find a therapist with a sliding scale that is a good fit for you. Also, Walk-In Counseling Center is a totally free, walk-in option with multiple locations in the Twin Cities area. does this work? What can I expect?

A:I don't believe or work from the model that therapists hold "the answers" for clients. I believe that you are the expert on your own life, and that my role and training serves to facilitate a safe, honest space for you to lean into your questions in order for authentic change and transformation to occur.


I provide a free initial phone consultation for all new clients and if it's a good fit, move forward and schedule an intake to begin the process.



Q:Ok...I hear you talking about a 'contemplative' approach...but what does that even mean?

A:​ I apply the definition of contemplation as a "long, loving look at what's real". How that shows up in therapeutic work is that being human isn't a quick-fix or perfect: life is non-linear and takes time (long), requires compassion (loving), and courage (real). I love integrating contemplative and mindfulness practices in my work that focuses less on managing ourselves/others/our lives, and more on how we relate to ourselves and one another in new ways.

Q:​ I think we might be a good step?

A:​ Please contact me to check current availability and schedule a free 20-minute consultation.

the human soul doesn't want to be fixed, it simply wants to be seen and heard.

-parker palmer

© Kenlee Valleskey LLC

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